Novel WoundClot Bandages Can Stop Severe Bleeding Within Minutes, Save Lives

Compression is one of the simplest ways to prevent severe bleeding, and yet it is not suitable in all cases, ...
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A New Bandage Stops Bleeding and Helps the Body Heal Faster

Nearly a quarter of the U.S. troops who lost their lives before reaching a medical treatment facility in Iraq or Afghanistan between ...
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“This is a Game Changer”; Pewaukee Company Introduces Product to Stop Bleeding

It's called 'WoundClot', and if a Pewaukee company gets its wish, you'll soon see it on the belt of every ...
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Israeli-Developed Bandage That Stops Bleeding Within Seconds Now Sold Globally

In September 2016, two Israeli police officers were stabbed in a terror attack in Jerusalem, one of several dozen such ...
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