Always Ready, Always Stocked, Always Secure.

A comprehensive and automated platform to manage critical assets in containers.

Automate usage, compliance, expiration, replenishment, and reporting.

Respond to real-time event notifications on multiple devices.

Track the locations of all kits in a single view

Manage the lifecycle of every kit in your organization

Connect to 3rd party systems for seamless enterprise integration

EMPACT Active Shooter Response Kit withAIMS

Integrates with most containers, like our EMPACT Active Shooter Reponse Kit.

Using RFID Technology and 5G / Wireless network access, you can see real-time inventory, receive event notifications, expiration dates, and sustainment plans for hundreds of kits in a single view.

Automated reordering, FDA logs, and integrated training ensures that you remain compliant whether your organization has 1 kit or 1000 kits.

Cloud based access to inventory, events, and actions to manage ALL the kits in your organization.


The AIMS System is protected under US Patent US10592861B2

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