TAC-Wedge® Plus

  • Hardened steel spikes bite into even the smoothest floor
  • Spring pressure jams the blade under the door
  • Top and bottom sawtooth wedge blade
  • Hinge lock cutouts
  • Caribeaner attachment
  • Secures inward-swinging doors
  • Keeps closed doors closed and open doors open
  • For training purposes, use TAC-WEDGE® Plus Trainer wedge (color blue – no spikes or damage to surfaces)
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TAC-WEDGE® PLUS provides multifunctional capabilities for many different scenarios: it can be used to secure a door when the lock is missing or broken, if turned upside down it functions as a conventional door stopper and can be removed without damaging surfaces, and it also serves as a portable Tactical Access Control by positively securing an inward swinging door in either a closed or open position. The TAC-WEDGE® PLUS is designed to inhibit entry by unknown parties or to prevent access to a room’s contents. There are four hardened steel spikes on the underside of the device designed to bite into a floors’ surface. Conventional rubber door stops or wood shims cannot gain traction on surfaces like waxed linoleum, polished marble or wet concrete. TAC-WEDGE® PLUS spikes bite into surfaces and are designed to dig in.

DISCLAIMER: Must be 18 years or older to purchase. TAC-WEDGE® Plus is not intended to barricade; it is designed to slow entry. When the TAC-WEDGE® Plus is engaged, the spikes may cause damage to your flooring surface. If the gap between floor and door is too large, the wedge can’t apply the necessary pressure to the spikes. To avoid damage to your floor during training exercises use the TAC-WEDGE® PLUS TRAINING WEDGE.


To Secure Room: To set, place the sawtooth wedge blade(spikes down) under the latch side of the inward-swinging door. To engage, strike backplate of the wedge on the labeled “X” with a baton or solid object. To remove, Pull up and back on the handles or strikes on the side with the solid device to disengage the spikes. For added leverage, use the baton or a solid object to remove.

To Keep Door Open: Keep the door in an open position: Place hinge lock cutout into the crack and over the door hinge.

To Use as Door Stop: Turn TAC-WEDGE® Plus upside down (spikes up), place sawtooth wedge blade under the latch side of the door.

REMOVAL: Remove by pulling up on the handles or striking on the side with a solid device to disengage the device. Alternatively, you may need to make sure an open door remains open.

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